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Jewelry boxes,customized jewelry boxes,ring boxes,bangle boxes,necklace boxes

Rigid cardboard jewelry boxes

Our factory can produce the jewelry boxes based on your requirements,paper ring boxes,paper bangle boxes,paper necklace boxes,etc.If you interested please contact us.

1.Rigid cardboard jewelry packaging boxes

 Rigid paper jewelry boxes

Rigid cardboard jewelry box:

1) Material: 128GSM art paper + 900GSM and 1200GSM duplex board
2) Color: CMYK four color + solid color
3) Size: As per your requirement
4) Finish: Gloss or matt laminated, gold or silver hot foil stamping
Handmade paper jewelry boxes,handmade jewelry packing boxes

2.Rigid cardboard jewelry boxes with ribbon

rigid cardboard jewelry box with ribbon

Material : 1.5mm or 2 mm rigid cardboard , 128 gsm special black paper
Size : 75 mm x 75 mm x 40 mm
Printing : color paper for the outside and inside,
we can supply any special colour paper as per your requirement.
Shaped : square shaped cardboard box with lid and ribbon

3.Small rigid cardboard ring box

Ring box

Small paper ring box

Corrugated wine box

Material : 1.2mm rigid paper board , 128gsm special paper

Size : 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm , can hold one piece ring

Refill : foam refill to hold the ring

Small size ring boxes to hold your ring

Custom small ring boxes

Interested in any other ring boxes or jewelry boxes, please Contact us.

4.Rigid cardboard jewelry boxes,ring box,necklace box,bracelet box

Rigid cardboard jewelry boxes,ring box,necklace box,bracelet box

Material : chipboard , rigid cardboard , 128 gsm special gold paper

Small size chipboard ring box,medium size for bracelet boxes,long size for necklace packaging

Rigid cardboard jewelry boxes for your reference.